San Fernando Valley’s Drug addiction and Crime go hand and hand…

Rising burglary reports on the rise. Los Angeles County sheriffs department and Los Angeles County police Have been seen and heard a lot Lately just ask any of the people in the homeless community or anyone on their bicycles or just walking around the streets of SunLand And Tujunga. The two cities have had the reputation for the high use and sales of methamphetamine. Now the cities are adding to their reputation of burglary. The arrest made in these cases the suspects are high on meth. The drug known to cause the abuser is a stimulant and the individual may stay up without sleep for days causing sleep deprivation.  Which will cause some to make bizarre and irrational decisions. When money is involved abusers of meth will most likely do anything to acquire the money for the drug. Simple drug behavior? Not really. In my opinion from talking with many users they may get their money from hard days work. Yes I have spoken with these people they hold jobs professional jobs and have life in society. They pretty much keep to themselves about their use of meth.Stereo typing is not really an option I think about people who are drug addicts. These days people seem to be a lot more sneaky and smart about how to keep on using. With that in my opinion the meth problem is much worse than once thought. I have spoken to people who can afford their habit and a lot that can’t afford these individuals say that they recycle a lot they go “canning”(is what they call it or “trashing”) where they come up with a lot more than cans that they sell “I can not believe the things people throw away period they don’t even bother to take it to the goodwill they just throw out iPods other electronics clothes jars of coins and so on..” said one transient man who we will call Jim.

The increase in police in the area I was told by the Glendale policy is that the rise in home robberies is at an all time high in spite of the arrest that they have made. There interest is fully to get a handle on this problem. In January a robbery went terribly wrong and a man was killed in his home. Meth was involved undeniably. All who was concerned were not strangers to each other and yet one man is dead and at least 3 young lives have been forever ruined because of their choice and bad decisions made that night while under the influence. The streets (people in the drug community) knew all these people and are shocked that it came down to this. All suspects were known to use meth and the victim as well. This is what the drug has brought the most unlikely people to do. So this is a very real and scary concern for the residents of sunland and tujunga. If they kill one of theres and who is a friend they may be totally desensitized to anyone else. “They just see their next bag…”

The Police in the area are not liked very  much (of course) and understandably want to get a handle on the theft problem most likely they are pressured by their superiors meet quotas and so on but this is ridiculous.The situation ( a fact)   is this. A woman in her early 40’s is out on her bike because she has a suspended license. She goes to a local antique store to check on items she has put on consignment. The store was closed and she headed back to her mother’s home. Listening to music not realizing it is against the law to wear headphones she was pulled over and asked if she had warrants or was on parole or probation. The woman  shocked why she was pulled over replied that she was not sure on her suspended license case and that is why she is riding her bike. She had a warrant and was asked to search her pack. The items in the pack belonging to her and her mother then questioned. Ultimately she was arrested for possession of stolen property a felony charge and taken its custody where she would spend 26 hours in jail. Never been in jail this was an emotional ordeal for the woman. % o’clock in the evening the police take her in when their is those they want to get so badly why not harass the individuals they were questioning her about repeatedly. Say that they know she was holding drugs on her person and that they know she knew these individuals. In my opinion is she did know these people (which she doesn’t) why would she even put herself in much worse harms way by talking to them they should know better. T make it worse at the jail apparently they accused the woman of throwing something like the drugs and asked her to turn away from the vehicle. She refused not knowing what they would do if she was not looking. Knowing her rights she informed the officers that she would no longer speak until her lawyer arrived.. Good job! Everyone should know their rights and practice them seriously. later learned that the case did not go to court and that was laughed at by the judge, state and pd office they couldn’t believe they even pulled over the woman her case was taken care of and her warrant for driving on a suspended license lifted she owes the bail and this has been a very detrimental experience for her this will show on her record. This is in my opinion a waste of man power and a chicken shit was some officers spend there days just for shits and giggles… My opinion only.

The interesting part is both the police and the drug abusers are underestimating themselves and the counter part. It is important for everyone in the community of sunland and tujunga to be extra cautious about locking their doors and being aware of their surroundings. Incidents are occurring in many ways people sitting at the bus stop and car or persons on foot are simply grabbing their belongings and fleeing. Your lawn decorations well put them up and away if they mean anything to you they will more than likely disappear no matter how small big or silly they will end up gone. and most of all do not let strangers in or better yet not even answer the door. Home invasion burglary is on the rise and very dangerous don’t let yourself fall victim these predators who are sick. Sick with the disease of addiction. Their behavior can be erratic and extreme behavior swings depending on the individual can be very dangerous.

The following are signs of a person who may be under the influence of meth amphetamine. The other concern is when meth is used with heroine. This has become very popular heroin taking the lead among the youth as the drug of choice. In my experience witnessing first hand the behavior of those who use the two together is way out there scared me because they completely lose their sense of fear, they really are not afraid of anything and that is a serious mixture if they need what ever it is they need they will go to no lengths to get it and do what ever without a second thought because they are not afraid.

1. they may appear a little disheveled but not always. they may appear just as normal well dressed people. the pupils will be very dilated almost not seeing the color of the eye.

2.  talkative and not really making sense or tying the topic together the ramble about very bizarre things, that just don’t make sense they are usually paranoid.

3. A person using from what I have experienced have drama they are constantly in turmoil and the things that they think are problems don’t even exist. very much full of drama.

4.”” Knodding out ” this occurs when the sleep deprivation kicks in they are between asleep and awake and tend to fall asleep then quickly wake. this also is true for those who do heroin,

5. If you live with someone who uses this will be a tell-tale sign things come up missing,. Lies that are so absurd are being told, and they actually believe the things they are saying.

4. loss of communication there is none. people who use will recluse.

5. strange sexual behavior. This is a true sign for those who use meth and one of the attractions. If your loved one suddenly is requesting odd sex acts and increase in and so on the issue needs to be addressed?                                       s

The following is reality, I hope that I shed some insight to protect yourself and to get help immediately for your loves one if they are abusing any type of drug. You may not want to or are in denial but nip it as soon as you admit it…. Dont leet the abuser as well manipulate the use for any reason. Addicts or great negotiators and con artist, They are very smart and know how to get what they want or don’t want. I know they do not want rehab not yet and not while active in the addiction.

I will be addressing these issues for this is just the beginning of another attempt on war on drugs, I hope and pray for all those who still suffer and the families loved ones affected by addiction. You need to know what help is out their for you all from AA Na And other twelve step programs for those who are dealing with a loved one in addiction. This group helps you understand first hand the life attitude of an addict. Take care of you.

yours truly TTAYLOR


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